The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is still a fairly new breed in Germany. Currently, there are about 350 Tollers in Germany who are registered with the  DRC (Deutscher Retriever Club e.V.)
I am certain, there are others who are not registered with the DRC, such as imports or dogs from non-registered pedigree breeding associations. 

The number of Tollers in Germany is on the rise, and since 
there are only a few breeders there is no other choice but to import. Sweden, for instance, is home to a great number of breeders, with a Toller population of about 3,500. - 4,000. Because of this, Sweden is an excellent place to search for a stud. The number of Tollers is on the increase in other 
european countries, too. 

The strict breeding regulations of the DRC (Deutscher Retriever Club e.V.) are a positive factor, thereby making the dogs subject 
to stringent controls. 

Dogs that are used for breeding must pass a personality test, a companion dog test, and/or a dummy- or hunting test. The animals must pass an x-ray for HD (hip joint dysplasia) and ED (elbow dysplasia); additionally, their eyes must be examined - a responsible breeder will have his dogs tested for PRA (progressive retinal atrophy). Upon passing a "condition/form test" (breeding authorization test), the animal is ready for breeding. 

When everything checks out with the animal to be bred, the owner too must pass a thorough check. A person entitled to issue kennel certification will pay the potential breeder a visit and check the facilities. The new breeder has to answer several questions about the dog's genes, birth, breed, and naturally, training, to prove whether or not he is knowledgeable about the breed. After all requirements have been met and passed - the one thing left is for the female (bitch) to be receptive, and then the breeding process may begin.

The earliest a Toller female may be bred is at the age of 24 months, and at the age of 8 years - at the very latest - she must be retired. During this time, a female may only have a maximum of 4 litters; therefore, the DRC (Deutscher Retriever Club) is assuring that the females are not being used as birthing machines.